Your feedback for ThunderTask

ThunderTask is only a few months old, but there are already a lot of people using our task manager to organize their life & work. This is great!

I’m happy to say that ThunderTask is in continuous & active development. This means that there will be updates to the web app on a regular basis.

To make things even better, we would like to know if you are satisfied with our tool:
- Do you have any feedback for us?
- Do you have ideas or suggestions to make ThunderTask better?
- What features are missing that you know from other productivity tools?
- Did you encounter any bugs?

Visit our feedback page

Do you have a suggestion or feedback on how to make ThunderTask better? Excellent! Send us your feedback on our ThunderTask feedback page. We read every suggestion and answer you if possible.

Alternatively, you can contact us at, if your idea is more complicated, or you found an annoying bug.

Help to improve ThunderTask

All feedback helps to improve the service and make it better. Since ThunderTask is just starting out, there is much room for improvements. User satisfaction is one of the main goals of this task management app. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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