ThunderTask iPhone App is available

Good news, everyone! The ThunderTask iPhone app has arrived in the Apple App Store! Oh yeah, and it’s free!

After the download is complete, simply sign in with your ThunderTask credentials and all your workspaces, lists and tasks will be synced instantly.

You can do almost everything with the iPhone app that you can do with the web app. Task management on the go has never been easier!

Follow this link to download the ThunderTask iPhone App.

Main features

  • Simple design: Just like the web app, you get a simple interface which is easy to use
  • Tasks: Manage as many tasks as you want, add due dates and priorities
  • Lists: Group tasks in lists ordered by priority
  • Workspaces: Create projects to keep lists separated
  • Cloud Sync: Automatically backup your tasks in the cloud and access them at

Thanks to everybody who helped testing the app and for sending feedback! Just like the web app, the iPhone app is in continuous development, I’m working on an update, it should be available in a few weeks.

Best regards,
Michael Szumielewski

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