ThunderTask gets a new look

Good news everyone, ThunderTask has been redesigned! Since yesterday, your favorite task management web app looks even better. I hope you like it.

Since the beginning of ThunderTask, it has been my goal to make the interface as effective as possible. Everyday interactions with the app should be easy to perform. Also, if you work with a software all day, it should at least look good ;)

I use ThunderTask everyday and it became clear to me that a few things have to change. When I first started developing the web service a few months ago, I did not know the whole features set, I just started building a prototype. With all the experiences from the last months and the great feedback from the community, this is how our todo list manager looks now.

So here are the main changes:

  • Redesigned web app, YAY!
  • New, more detailed “Add task/list/workspace” dialogs and “Edit list/workspace” dialogs
  • New way to quickly add tasks in the header
  • List count in sidebar
  • Cool Bokeh background image

The design will be further improved in the next weeks, especially the task list view. There will propably be new view settings, as well as list sorting options. You will also be able to customize ThunderTask, like resizing the app to fullscreen or changing the background image.

If you have feedback, let me know in the comments or send me a mail.

Best regards and stay productive,
Michael Szumielewski, Creator of ThunderTask

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