Introducing ThunderTask Premium

First of all, I want to thank all users who have been using ThunderTask in the past 10 months. It has been a great journey and I had a lot of fun developing and managing this awesome task management tool for you.

As of today, ThunderTask hits yet another great milestone. Introducing ThunderTask Premium.

Simple plans & pricing

Just like everything at ThunderTask, plans & pricing are very simple. There are only two plans:

  • Free plan: Totally free plan for people who want to use ThunderTask without paying. Limitations: You can only create two workspaces.
  • Premium plan: The paid plan let’s you do everything you want with ThunderTask. Unlimited workspaces, unlimited users, unlimited everything! The price is $9.99/month or $99/year. Sign up during the trial period and you get 50% off price, which means $4.99/month or $49/year. Secure payment via PayPal, credit card required.

The benefits for Premium users are:

  • Unlimited Workspaces: Perfect for small businesses and freelancers with a lot of projects
  • Unlimited Collaboration: Share your workspaces with as many people you want
  • Premium Support: Your support requests come first
  • Get all new upcoming updates & support the future development of ThunderTask

Every new user gets a 14-day trial, after that you either pay for a subscription or use ThunderTask for free with a few limitations.

Why paid accounts?

ThunderTask is a business and, by definition, businesses are created to make a profit. While a lot of other task management tools give their apps away for free, this is not how a business should work in my opinion.

Other to-do list apps have investors, ThunderTask is self-funded and therefore needs a steady stream of income. A long-term commitment to continuous development and support can only be guaranteed with proper revenue.

So, after 10 months of existence, ThunderTask adds a paid option to make sure that it can be further developed. I think, the pricing model is fair and can be afforded by any small business, freelancer and individual.

The money from Premium subscriptions will be reinvested 100% in the development of ThunderTask and help to grow the tool even more in 2013.

Claim your Early Adopter Bonus

As a thank you for using ThunderTask, all users who signed up before November 14, get ThunderTask Premium for 3 months. You can claim your Early Adopter Bonus by clicking on the following link. Please make sure, you are logged in!

Claim your Early Adopter Bonus

Thank you once again, you are awesome!

Michael Szumielewski
Founder of ThunderTask

PS: Follow ThunderTask on Twitter and Facebook for cool updates!

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