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“ThunderTask is a good application for those who want to organize their tasks and projects” - AppAppeal
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Task management for small businesses & freelancers

ThunderTask is a simple, yet powerful task management tool which helps you manage all your tasks, lists and projects. Unlike other to-do list managers, ThunderTask is super easy to use, yet perfect for a professional environment. Organize your tasks in lists and share workspaces with your work colleagues or clients. A lot of small businesses and freelancers use ThunderTask, because it's flexible and great for team collaboration. Learn how to use ThunderTask with the built-in tutorial in a matter of minutes. Give it a try, hundreds of users can't be wrong!

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Fully featured to-do list

  • Workspaces
  • Lists
  • Smart lists
  • Repeating tasks
  • Task sorting
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Hourly backup
  • Simplicity
  • Cloud sync
  • Mobile web app

Simple task manager

We think a task management tool should be simple and easy to use. With ThunderTask you can just start right away. You learn how to manage your tasks and to-do lists with our built-in tutorial in a matter of minutes. There is no manual, because you won't need one for this todo list app.

Clean interface

ThunderTask is a simple task management tool that you use everyday to get things done. That's why we focus on delivering the most beautiful interface possible. Based on extensive user testing we build a user interface thats clean and just gets out of your way.

Works on any computer

ThunderTask is web-based task list manager and works in every modern web browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari. You don't have to install any new software on your computer to use this task manager. Wherever you are, just log into your account and continue working on your tasks.

The mission of ThunderTask is to provide the best task management tool possible and make the world more productive. If you are a small business with a small to medium team or a freelancer working alone, you will find our task manager solution just right for you. Task management in the cloud has never been better.

We focus our efforts on delivering the best user experience possible. Based on extensive usability tests and user feedback, we build ThunderTask to be just right for you and your business. As an online task management software, ThunderTask, meets all requirements for being used in a professional environment everyday.